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SOUYI offer you anti radiation mobile phone case


Concern about electromagnetic radiation

Electromagnetic waves disseminate from TV, microwaves oven, vacuum cleaner and all kinds of home appliances and the fact that we are surrounded by electromagnetic field has prompted more institutional research into the detrimental effects electromagnetic waves have on the human body.  These days, we hear more and more talks from those who are worried about the risk of electromagnetic waves emitted from mobile phones and smartphones.

World Health Organization (WHO) has classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.”

Mobile phones and smartphones are of particular concern as they are used near the head. The brain could be under continuous influence since mobile phones are kept near the ear during use.
There are people suffer from sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation.
In Sweden, electrohypersensitivity is officially and fully recognized as functional impairment

Hidden warning in instruction manual

Smartphone firms warn in their instruction manuals that we should keep mobile phones away from our body, for example “at least 10mm away from our body”. It means that in order to keep the safety level of SAR, the mobile phone should be placed in position with 10mm separation of the same condition used during testing. Don’t you think it is unnatural to keep a distance of 10mm trying not to touch ear when using mobile phones? We do not notice such a warning unless reading the manual with a great deal of caution.

The danger of electromagnetic radiation is well-recognized in western countries.

SOUYI’s revolutionary technology absorb almost 90% of electromagnetic waves without reflecting

Conventional anti-electromagnetic-radiation products on the market reflect and disperse electromagnetic waves to decrease the hazard to our body. SOUYI’s revolutionary technology has developed the case with the absorption sheet made in Japan. Just putting SOUYI’s case so that absorb almost 90% of electromagnetic waves and keep you safe from invisible hazard.

Absorb a wide band of
electromagnetic waves in 360 degree radius

SOUYI’s case absorbs a wide band of electromagnetic waves (850MHz – 2.2GHz) from all directions without reflecting. Based on the data tested by TÜV Rheinland Japan Ltd, it has been proved that SOUYI’s case absorbs almost by 90% of electromagnetic waves.

As you can see per the video on the right, dropping the value on the tester clearly shows SOUYI’s case absorbs waves.

Enhance signal strength for better performance

Unique antenna technology is also used to improve signal strength.

SOUYI’s case comes with magnet cover that can be used in many purposes

Your request of product development using our electromagnetic absorption technology can be discussed anytime. Feel free to contact us for any questions you may have.


Just put it on your case of smartphone, it absorbs almost 90% of electromagnetic waves in 360 degree radius.


SOUYI Anti-radiation Earphone keep you safe from RF radiation.

●Airtube Technology - using the principal of stethoscope
●Radiation Free - speaker is set away from head
●Ergonomic Design - comfortable wering for long time use
●Hands Free - freedom of use while talking on phone
●Patented Product - Australia, Germany, U.S.A., China and Japan