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SOUYI offer you anti radiation mobile phone case

SOUYI Anti-radiation Sticker for smartphone

Just sticker the sheet!
Just put it on your case or smartphone
Suitable not only for iPhone and Galaxy but also for other smartphones
Not refelct but absorb!
Absorb almost by 90% of electromagnetic waves
Not only for a given direction!
Absorb electromagnetic waves in 360 degree radius
Effective to a wide band!
Absorb electromagnetic wavs 850MHz-2.2GHZ
Enhance signal strength!
Unique antenna technology keeps reception level
Safe and secure, made in Japan!
Developed and manufactured in Japan
Recommendable for those who:
➤get worried about electromagnetic waves
➤talk long on smartphone
➤sleep with smartphone by the bed
➤carry smartphone close to the body
➤concern the risk to babies and chiildren

*This product is the sheet to put either on case or smartphone.
*This product does not include case.

Model Name SOUYI Anti-radiation Sticker for smartphone
Model No. AR-100-WH
Materials PC
Color White
Price JPY2,480 (excl. tax)