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Electromagnetic Wave

Q. What are electromagnetic waves?
A. Electric field is the space that surrounds electrically charged particles. Getting the shock when you touch the door knob or dress clinging to you in dry winter season is a phenomenon that electric filed has been generated by static electricity. Magnetic field is the area of influence exerted by a magnetic force. It is not only produced by magnetic materials but also around the area of moving electric current. 
The change in direction of the current flow changes the strength of magnetic field and it creates a new electric field, then consequently a new magnetic field. This way electric field and magnetic field is generated alternately one after another and transferred in waves that is called “electromagnetic waves”.

Q. What is the effect of magnetic waves?
A. When we are exposed to electromagnetic waves, the wave energy is partly absorbed by the body and converted into heat.  In case of high-intensity electromagnetic wave, amount of heat generation becomes high and makes body temperature raise. This is called “thermal effect”.  The result of animal experiment has shown that “thermal effect” influence animal behavior due to the stress caused by body temperature elevation. Microwave heating works use “thermal effect” to shake molecule of food to be heated. Although some surveys show that exposure to electromagnetic fields cause childhood leukemia and brain tumors as long term health risk, some say there is no association between electromagnetic waves and cancer, thus in the official view, the evidence is limited and not strong enough to be considered causal.
Q. Q. Why are electromagnetic waves dangerous?
A. Mobile phones and smartphones are of particular concern as they are used near the head.  The brain could be under continuous influence since mobile phones are kept near the ear during use. Children are particularly susceptible to radiation due to a smaller, thinner skull, and an immature cranial nerve system.  As it has been only 20 years and not long ago since mobile phones became widespread, there is not inadequate data based on long term use of mobile phones and many institutions and organizations have been studying the health risk of electromagnetic waves. World Health Organization (WHO) has classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as “possibly carcinogenic to human.”
Q. Q. What is mobile phone’s SAR?
A. When we are exposed to electromagnetic waves, the wave energy is partly absorbed by the body and converted into heat. SAR stands for Specific Absorption Rate which is the unit of measurement for the amount of RF energy absorbed by the body when using a mobile phone. Mobile phones are required to comply with the limit of local SAR for head.  The table below shows SAR limits determined by governing bodies throughout the world.
Country Limit Unit Organization
Japan 2.0W/kg 10g MIC
U.S.A. 1.6W/kg 1g FCC
Sweden 0.8W/kg 10g TCO
Germany 0.6W/kg 10g Under review
Korea 1.6W/kg 1g KCC
Japan adopted the international guideline of 2.0W/kg, however, the advanced countries of electromagnetic wave problem such as Germany and Sweden have established strict standard. In comparison, the Japan limit is nearly three times bigger.
As mobile phones are used for other than call, and
Local SAR is an indication of the amount of electromagnetic waves that is absorbed into a head when using a mobile phone. Due to recent increase of mobile phone use other than call, tablets and other wireless devices, establishing local SAR limit to body for wireless devices used near body is now being considered from a standpoint of safety.
Please refer the web site of each mobile phone firm to check SAR value of your mobile phone.

SOUYI Electromagnetic Wave Absorption Case

Q. Is there any problem to call quality as SOUYI’s case absorbs 90% of electromagnetic waves?
A. No. As unique antenna technology is used, it absorbs only unnecessary electromagnetic waves and keeps the reception quality level 
Q. Does magnet influence signal strength and reception?
A. No.  As magnet materials are used only to the parts necessary, they don’t interfere with signal reception.
Q. Does magnet influence to magnetic products?
A. Just to be safe, please do not use SOUYI’s case near a product such as magnetic card which is possibly susceptible and damaged.
Q. Can I use mobile camera with the case?
A. Yes, you can use mobile camera while the case is on.  However, please note that the edge of magnet cover may appear in a photograph if magnet cover is misaligned with camera hole on the case. Please also note that flash may causes color distortion in a photograph by reflecting off the inside of the case.
Q. Can I use FeliCa function in my GALAXY SⅢ while SOUYI's case is on?
A. Unfortunately, FeliCa installed in GALAXY SⅢ does not work with SOUYI’s case.  Please remove the case from GALAXY SⅢ when using FeliCa function such as Mobile SUICA, e-money and others.
Q. Does the separate magnet cover type absorb the electromagnetic waves without the magnet cover?
A. Yes.  The core part that absorbs the waves is beneath the sticker pasted inside the case.  As the magnet cover has nothing to do with the absorption function, the case absorbs the waves without the magnet cover.
Q. Does the heat converted from the absorbed electromagnetic waves heat up the mobile phone?
A. The heat generated during the process is minimal quantity and does not cause heating of the mobile phone itself.
Q. Q.Does SOUYI’s case really absorb electromagnetic waves?
A. Yes. Based on the data tested by TÜV Rheinland Japan Ltd ( who is one of the world biggest testing laboratories, SOUYI’s case absorbs almost by 90% of electromagnetic waves.
Frequency(MHz) Reference level (dBM) Maximum change in level (dB) %
850 -55.83 -11.88 93.51
1500 -59.59 -10.26 90.57
2000 -77.38 -9.23 87.87
2500 -79.37 -9.42 87.99

 To see the test report→

SOUYI Anti-radiation Sticker

Q. Can I use Anti-radiation sticker to any smartphones?
A. You can use the sticker to any smartphones that have the space for the sticker to paste. The sticker size is 57 x 100mm.  The sticker may cover speaker, microphone or camera hole of some smartphones and those functions may be effected or unable.
Q. How can I use SOUYI Anti-radiation Sticker?
A. There are 3 ways to use, no difference on the effectiveness of absorption.

1. Sticker on the back side of smartphone
Paste the sticker on the back side of smartphone. Recommend to use a mobile case you provided to protect the sticker from scratches.

2. Sticker inside the case
Paste the sticker inside the case you provided and put it on smartphone.

3. Insert between smartphone and case
Insert the sticker between smartphone and case without peeling the clear film of sticker. You can cut the film to the size of sticker.
Q. Can I peel off SOUYI Anti-radiation Sticker and paste it again?
A. Peeling off the sticker once pasted may damage and affect the performance of absorption. If you think that you’ll reuse the sticker to different case or smartphone later, please insert the sticker between smartphone and case without peeling the clear film. You can cut the film to the size of sticker.
Q. Can I use Felica function with SOUYI Anti-radiation Sticker?
A. Unfortunately, Felica chip installed in smartphone does not work with the sticker.
Q. How long does SOUYI Anti-radiation Sticker work?
A. Basically it is not worn out by absorbing radiation, the sticker will work unless it is broken or torn.

iPad mini sleeve case

Q. Is it possible to use for tablets other than iPad mini?
A. It can be used for 7 inch tablets similar in size to iPad mini.  However it does not fit Kindle Fire as the width of Kindle is a little bit too wide.
Reference size:iPad mini: 200 x 134.7 x 7.2mm
        Kindle: 193 x 137 x 10.2mm
Q. Does it have electromagnetic wave absorption?
A. This product is without electromagnetic wave absorption.